The simple, Plug & Play and high-performance Cybersecurity as a Service solution for Internet Service Providers.

The current challenges in the ISP market...

In a market as saturated as the connectivity market, it is important to position yourself correctly and offer value-based services that allow you to avoid “price war” logic, not lose customers, but retain current ones and acquire new ones.

It is essential to differentiate and evolve.

...and related opportunities!

Uania wants to stand by the ISP, offering a value-based CyberSecurity service, a topic of fundamental importance for all companies operating in the market.

To do this, we have evolved our solution, UaniaShield, for the network operator market, giving a way to deliver a CyberSecurity service in full aaS mode, without installing hardware at the customer’s premises and without creating disruption, allowing new customers to be developed and current ones to be retained.

The UaniaShield service

The UaniaShield solution makes it possible to deliver a UTM protection service to the end customer that is comparable to the same service delivered by installing a traditional firewall, while taking advantage of all the benefits of UaniaShield technology.

The service, once activated, is already up and running and performing, taking advantage of the best-practice policies created by Uania, with no need to configure specific policies.

The best practice policies include a default configuration of onboarding services, so as to deliver a high level of protection while not generating false positives. The policies remain configurable, however, through the platform provided by Uania.

UTM services on board UaniaShield are of two types:


    • Antivirus
    • IPS
    • SSL Inspection
    • File Inspection & Sandbox
    • Panic Mode


    • Web Filter + DNS Filter timestampable
    • Application Control timestampable
    • Geo-Fence
    • Parental Control


The UaniaShield Platform for ISPs.

The management platform is provided in web-based mode and can be integrated via API, allowing you to manage, configure and control all aspects related to the UaniaShield solution quickly and easily. It is provided completely white-label and can be customized with its own logos, graphics and access domain (e.g.,

The platform natively manages users of different ranks with a high degree of multi-tenancy, this allows you to be able to manage different sales channels, with related dedicated access.


The following are some examples:

  • It is possible to resell the service through sub-operators who buy on a wholesale basis, offering the ability to manage their partners and end customers, through a dedicated tenant.
  • It is possible to resell the service to partners (e.g., MSPs, System Integrators, etc.) offering access to policies and reporting.
  • It is possible to manage multi-location installations, providing a unified view, even on different POPs.

Seeking and raising trained technical figures in cybersecurity is often complex. That is why we decided to develop the platform in such a way that anyone can configure the solution, to their liking, without having to know technically how a firewall works, making any task extremely simple, in fact, the platform allows you to configure policies independently quickly and easily through the use of toggles, without needing specific technical skills.

It is also possible, on the same page, to generate and download operation reports related to the performance of the solution on the individual site.


Cybersecurity is a high-value service with the sole purpose of making our companies more secure, but often not tangible to the end customer. We therefore decided to create a simple and “human readable” report. A document in which the non-technical interlocutor, can find useful information and appreciate its value.

The reporting is made in whitelabel and is customizable by the operator. It is generated automatically on a monthly basis for each client; however, it is possible to export reports with different timeframes.

The report includes analysis of traffic blocked or monitored during the analysis period and a vulnerability assessment performed on the client’s public IP address in order to detect vulnerabilities on exposed services.

Detailed in the vulnerability assessment are the vulnerable services exposed on the client’s public IP address, criticality on the scale of 0 to 10, and vulnerability detail.

How is it delivered ?

The UaniaShield solution integrates into the operator’s infrastructure, in a completely transparent manner, through the implementation of a router and several firewalls, depending on the size of the POP. Installed between the concentrator and the operator’s core/meter, it enables the analysis of all customer traffic to and from the Internet, being able to offer an effective and high-performance protection service without having to deploy any additional hardware at the customer site, over the entire active customer base.

The installation by its nature is transparent and allows, in the event of a fault of any part of it, the fallback of traffic to the operator’s routers, without creating disruption to customers. The configuration and maintenance of the equipment is managed by Uania through the web platform provided by the ISP.

Two modes of implementation

It is possible to deploy the service in SaaS (Service aaS) or PaaS (Platform aaS) mode, depending on the operator’s needs and the expected volume of activations. 

A new firewall is installed in the POP for every 250 UaniaShields activated

10 benefits for operators who choose UaniaShield

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